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dom site

a really great dominic site can be found here:
just thought i'd share since i've got nothing better to say :)
is another one i love...

and i just felt like sharing that...which is from the fan club store (@ ) i bought it, it was fun...i don't even remember what i --oh yeah, to share some dom sites with you...why? wanted to know! that's why. *nods*
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But here I go blowin gmy own horn: (AKA Dominic Monaghan - The Unofficial Site) has been online over 2 years now , and is in fact the very first of its kind, the best known of its kind and the best loved by general consensus, not to mention all of out Biographical and Q&A information commes straight from the horses mouth (I.E. Dominic Himself). This should sway all to visit often, even if th egalleries are not back up yet, as well... I have good reason for that which will become evident shoortly. Believe me, watch the front page, join th emailing list, you won't regret it, as I have said before on the front page and on the forum for the site, GREAT things are happening. Keep your eye out to see what they are... and if you're smart enough, you've already guessed, tho I can't speak it out loud just yet.

~*~ Malia ~*~

P.S. Yes, the site used to be owned by Sharon, who gracefully gave it over to me, a founding member, when she got too busy to handle it. Just some history for those who may be confused. :)

Take care all and please continue to spread the word of ther site move, as the search engines don't sem to be working for me as well as the used to. It's because the site has had to be moved too many times. Not for long tho. :D That will stop in one more move, comming soon.

~*~ M ~*~